Covergirl’s first male model just took delivery of a matte black Tesla Model X and hello sisters it looks so fierce.

What’s big, black, powerful, and has wings? Why, it’s James Charles’s new Tesla Model X in matte black. As per James Charles earlier today (Nov. 15,2018) over social media earlier today he shared with his fans an exclusive first look at what his Tesla Model X looks like and he’ll be glad this Tesla has an adequate A/C system because it’s going to roast in the California sun all blacked out like that.

Check out the queen himself James Charles striking a mad pose in front of his new electric SUV below! Only James Charles can come up with an iconic quote like that, I absolutely love it.


A hallmark of the new Tesla Model X are those gullwing doors and you better believe James Charles was going to low-key flex for his followers, showing off this Tesla exclusive feature. If you didn’t already guess, the theme is “blacked out” and if you’re wondering if he’s going to switch out those ugly base-model OEM wheels, fear not.

I already ordered new huge wheels with blacked out rims, they just haven’t gotten here yet, don’t attack me!

James Charles tweeted to Elon Musk earlier this year specifically saying how he loves Tesla and had his eye on the Tesla Model X.

According to James Charles, this Tesla Model X was wrapped by Sticker City Los Angeles in Sherman Oaks, a popular place for Hollywood’s up and comers to completely transform their cars into something their own without all the mess of a new paint job. Matte black is a solid choice, albeit a conservative one given whose driving it. I mean, it’s James freakin’ Charles behind the wheel, you’d think he’d go for something a bit more…not matte black.

Nonetheless, his Tesla Model X is the bees knees. With an available 518 HP and 387 lb-ft routed through all four wheels, 0-60 MPH comes and goes in less than five seconds, even faster if he’s got the P100D. Although those gull-wing doors are iconic, they may prove to be a problem for young Charles as those doors have been in the news for being notoriously finicky and unreliable, although cool as heck.

The 19-year-old model is in the news as of late for just dropping a new makeup palette, partnering with Ulta. There’s no better time than now to treat yourself to a new car!

Congrats James and keep both hands on the wheel!

Source: Instagram 


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