You know those Mecum auctions with obscure classic cars in this particular color and that particular trim package with this particular engine? Well, this NSX is kind of like that.

First gen NSX’s, prices are through the roof at the moment and it’s near impossible to find one at a decent price. If you really want to stand out of the NSX community crowd, a surefire way to do so is to source an unpopular exterior and interior combo, one that wasn’t popular for a reason because, well, the colors just…clashed. This is one such NSX. As per this eBay listing that popped up earlier this week (Nov. 20,2018) this eBay seller is looking to unload a 1998 Acura NSX for the low, low price of just $90,000 if you buy it now.

Untouched in OEM Spa Yellow and with a tan (excuse me, camel) colored interior, it’s one of the rarest color combos in the NSX community, only six were ever made, (3) in ’97 and the rest in ’98.

Check out a screenshot of the listing before it goes blank below!


Rare and desirable in the NSX community are two different things. Just because a color combo is rare doesn’t necessarily mean it’s desirable. Spa Yellow was one of fifteen colors available on the NSX and because it’s well, yellow, not many people optioned out for one, thus its rarity. But, today, this uncommonness strangely pumps the value up.

Then there’s the camel leather interior, one of the least desirable interior colors known to man. For a yellow car, the tan contrasts nicely with the paint color but unless you live in a sunny climate like Palm Springs, Calif or Miami, FL, yellow is a hard color to pull off.

This particular NSX only has 45,000 miles and some change on the odometer so it isn’t particularly high-mileage. At least it’s a six-speed so you can row your own gears, and you’ll probably never come across another NSX that looks like yours since only six in this combo were made.

I think it’s a good buy and wouldn’t mind owning a Spa Yellow NSX as a weekend car. For a daily driver? No way. Too bright and cheery to be seen around in 24/7.

Source: eBay


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