Leased vehicles. When customers lease terms are up, that means you have a used vehicle on your hands to recondition, market, and sell to a wholesaler or used car buyer. Tesla has a lot of them coming in.

The Tesla Model S, according to Good Car Bad Car, started really leasing thousands of Tesla Model S’s back in 2015 with Tesla unloading as many Tesla Model S’s as they could to qualified leasees. Now, according to a report by CNBC they put out earlier today (Nov. 20, 2018) all those leasees who opted for the most popular three-year lease deal are bringing their Teslas back as per lease term deals.

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CNBC reports that their source is reporting at least two major resellers are involved, Manheim and Adesa, two resellers who already know how to handle such a large volume of used cars. These large resellers take all the guesswork and labor out of checking these electric cars as they come in, prepping them for resale and roadworthiness, and passing them off, in bulk, to wholesalers. I imagine that a large majority of Tesla Model S’s will make their way through auction houses with another large chunk of Model S’s making their way to clients who want to buy and resell these lucrative EVs.

To better prepare for the influx of used vehicles coming through Tesla’s doors, Tesla posted jobs on Glassdoor and other job sites for Remarketing Managers, Used Vehicle Sales Advisors and Used Vehicle Quality specialists.

Even though electric cars are less prone to wear and tear because of far less moving parts than regular Internal Combustion Engines, that doesn’t mean they’re all that easier to suss out when buying or inspecting a used one. Such small details like making sure the frame is straight, everything is copacetic with the large battery pack, and that everything advertised is actually available, makes these Tesla Model S’s a challenge to resell in and of itself.

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From 20 feet away, two Tesla Model S’s might look the same, but the price points between either can vary by tens of thousands thanks to the myriad of options that are available.

If you’re looking to slide into a used Tesla Model S, now might be the time to consider used as many of these reconditioned EVs will enter the used market soon.

Source: CNBC


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