Japan prides itself on torturing themselves for the greater good and this next device that seems to be sweeping this industrious little country slots right in there with that ethos.

Drowsy driving is a big no-no in the United States and is just as bad, if not worse than drunk driving. But in Japan, pushing your limits to the detriment of your own personal health seems to not only be normal, but it’s also low-key praised and expected. As per Sora News 24 and their latest piece on this low-key self-torture device that’s getting a lot of attention as of late (Nov. 20, 2018) this company has come up with an ingenious way to not kill yourself on the road. By clipping on an electrical current to your ear, you can shock yourself awake, enabling you to drive above and beyond what you’re capable of.

Check out a couple of photos of the device thanks to Amazon, below.


According to the company’s listing on Amazon, in ancient Chinese culture and I assume through first-hand knowledge, if you’re drowsy and sleepy, rubbing your earlobes is one way to perk yourself up. I imagine it has to do with your chakras or flow of chi through your body and there is no actual scientific evidence behind this claim. There are some Acupressure principles behind this but…it’s acupressure.

The rechargeable device can work for more than 120 hours on a single charge. The device doesn’t monitor your drowsiness levels but, rather, sends an electrical shock to your ear at regular intervals with various levels of intensity.

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can buy one for yourself for $40. 

In theory and according to reviews, this device can work, but, knowing me, I’d rip this thing off my ear at first buzz.

The logical thing to do would be to pull off into a nice parking lot and take a long nap. Or, grab a coffee and get some fresh air, you know, normal human things.

This is truly an asinine device that should only be used if you’re delivering a human organ by car and have to absolutely get to some hospital in a certain amount of time, you know, life and death situations. Otherwise, take a nap! Or if you can afford one, get yourself one of those self-driving Teslas. I know you’re not supposed to nod off driving those EVs but it’s far safer to nod off in that and let the computer take over than trying to slog through your drowsiness.

Source: Sora News 24


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