Stunts like this, intentional or unintentional, need to stop and perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law when caught.

A 54-year-old Nissan employee driving to work in his Nissan GT-R was killed earlier this week according to (Nov. 20,2018.) A piece of concrete was flung off a nearby bridge close to the interstate in an act that police are calling intentional. Check out the WKRN’s official report below.

As you can see in the Google Maps photo I’ve provided below, the Shelby Avenue Bridge runs right across Interstate 24 in Nashville, TN. And, although the bridge has a protective chain fence to deter anyone thinking of jumping off of the bridge, there’s nothing stopping anyone from hurling something over, which is what unfortunately happened in this case.

Happening in the early hours of the morning, just before 5 A.M. you can imagine traffic was just beginning to pile up as workers made their early morning commute. As mentioned, police are investigating this incident as intentional. Whether this Nissan employee was specifically targeted has yet to be determined but, in my opinion, is highly unlikely.

Police are reviewing nearby camera footage to catch a glimpse at the person responsible.

People have been complete jerks and unintentionally so as of late. Just earlier last week, several teens were caught filming themselves throwing full-size bottles at people driving by with such force that a correctly thrown bottle would’ve very well seriously hurt, if not killed someone. Police have since ID’d those underage teens and I’m closely following that story to see what they’re charged with.

If this is a random act of violence, it’s a very sad situation and Nashville city council should consider putting up higher fences on this bridge to prevent something like this from happening again. But, if this is one of those pranks gone bad, hopefully, when the offending party is caught, they be made an example of.

A life was lost and no prank should ever harm someone to this extent.



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