We’ve all heard stories of people stealing wheels from Honda Accords in the middle of the night but here’s real video of it happening in real life.

Shock, not really surprised, and rage are a couple of words that went through my mind when I came across this video online earlier this today (Nov. 29, 2018) showing what appears to be a group of guys stripping the wheels off this ninth-generation Honda Accord. As per Tyrone Unik Hunter, a Newark, New Jersey resident, his late-night curiosity got the best of him when he heard loud noises outside his studio apartment window. Illuminated by the sodium lights of a street lamp, he silently filmed a couple of punks stripping this Honda Accord Sport of its wheels in under a minute.

Check out the unbelievable video for yourself below and if that video’s private, there’s a backup video here just in case. 

These thieves are low-key professional in the way they steal these wheels. From what I can see in the video, one person jacks up the front near the two hook while two people each take off the front wheels and another places bricks in the center. Then, the whole process begins again in the rear. The getaway car is parked parallel in front of the Honda Accord and a truck to carry away the wheels is stopped, parked right next to the Accord on the other side of the street.

In the matter of less than a minute, these thieves just earned themselves around $1,400, $250 for each wheel and probably another $100 for each used OEM Continental tire.

This is such a problem in the United States, wheel thieves specifically going after Honda Accords, that even the Insurance Institue of Highway Safety blogged about it earlier last year in a blog post titled, “Honda’s sporty wheels still a draw for car thieves.” The hottest spot for thieves stealing wheels? New York.

HLDI analysts also looked at how the Accord theft claims were distributed across the U.S. New York had the highest percentage, with 37 percent of 2013–15 Sport model claims, 24 percent of 2016 Sport and Touring model claims and 31 percent of 2017 Sport, Sport Special Edition and Touring model claims. Florida had the second-highest percentage of claims for the 2013–15 models (10 percent) and 2016 models (16 percent). California had the second-highest percentage for 2017 models at 20 percent.

In this particular case, New Jersey has so many other problems, local police probably won’t be bothered to investigate this video.

If you street park your newer Honda Accord in New York or New Jersey, having your wheels stolen isn’t a matter of if but when.

Source: Tyrone Hunter


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