No, Bugatti does not have an SUV in the works and people just misquoted the Bugatti Boss that one time in October.

Bugatti? Build an SUV? Oh, no, no, no. This is coming from the company that brought us the Type 35, Veyron, Chiron, and now the Divo. As per Cheddar Reporter Hope King when she had a moment to talk to the man himself, Stephan Winkelmann, earlier this week (Nov. 29,2018) when asked whether or not Bugatti would build an SUV as the reports hinted at, Winkelmann firmly reiterated that they misquoted him and got it all wrong.

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Check out the video from Ms. King below.

As mentioned, earlier in October, reports came out from all sorts of car outlets like Autoblog who took a quote from Automotive News and jumped to the conclusion from Winkelman saying that “The brand is ready for more” to mean that they’re “ready for an SUV.”

From there, other outlets like Carbuzz took the bait when they said that, “it seemed likely that Winkelmann was referring to an SUV.”

But, when King posed the question again earlier this week, Winkelmann stated,

No, they are misquoted. It’s about analyzing all the possible segments and body styles. We want to be innovative, we want to do something different, but we have not decided yet.

Winkelmann didn’t outright say that Bugatti would never build an SUV, like Ferrari has done in the past (which, by the way, they are.) but at this time they definitely do not have plans for an SUV.

Bugatti, if you didn’t already know, is owned by the Volkswagen Group which owns lots of other sports and luxury marquees like Audi, Lamborghini, and Porsche who all have SUV offerings as of this writing. I feel like I wouldn’t be speaking out of turn to say that Bugatti if only for the moment, can afford NOT to have an SUV at this time if they wanted to since their parent company seems to have that base covered by their other brands.

Hey, Bugatti can build something else in the meantime. Why not an electric Chiron, another Hypercar, or some sort of super-sedan. Earlier this year they commissioned and built themselves a $39,000 bicycle. 

Bugatti Bike
The PG Bugatti Bike and the Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti wants to be innovative so let’s not jump to the conclusion that “another model” immediately means SUV.

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