The disrespect! Someone motioned to Jesse from “The Fast and the Furious” to buzz off at a former F&F set.

If there ever was an instance that illustrates what’s wrong with people these days, specifically people obsessed with their own egos thanks to social media, this encounter with Hollywood actor Chad Lindberg aka Jesse from “The Fast and the Furious” and a supposed fan takes the cake. Chad Lindberg took to Twitter earlier today (Nov. 30,2018) to not only share his favorite memories of Paul Walker on the fifth anniversary of his passing but to share a chance encounter with a stranger whose obviously NOT a real fan of the film franchise.

Take a look at his tweet below.

Chad Lindberg didn’t say WHICH filming location he had this encounter at but Toretto’s house and Bob’s Market are two of several TFATF locations that come to mind in the Los Angeles area.

As mentioned Chad shared one of his favorite memories with Paul filming at Toretto’s house where Paul made an honest effort to congratulate Chad on nailing a particularly hard scene.

If you’re wondering what scene Chad’s referring to, it’s this scene below. Watching it again several years after I first saw it, boy does this scene bring up a lot of memories about that franchise.

But, going back to Chad’s chance encounter with a rude “fan” of the film, if people take a moment out of their own busy lives to observe life as it’s happening around them, maybe they won’t mess up some amazing opportunities like this guy could’ve had. This dude could’ve had an honest one on one with someone who not only met Paul Walker but worked with him on set and got to know him on a personal level.

Get out of your phones and into this thing called life, people!

Source: Chad Lindberg


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