Yes, Mulholland Highway and the area around The Snake is finally open so go out there and drive So-Cal!

It’s been close to a full month since Mulholland Highway, more specifically the area around “The Snake” was burned badly and subsequently had to be shutdown by CHP for safety reasons. But according to Mulholland Highway aficionado and frequent videographer around that area @Rnickeymouse via his Instagram post earlier yesterday (Dec. 24,2018) it looks like the Mulholland Highway is finally open thanks to L.A. County workers and your tax dollars at work.

Check out scenes from Mulholland Highway with the rush of cars making their way through “The Snake” below!


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The county cleaned the road and painted all new lines for Christmas. Thank you! Who’s riding Christmas day?

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Earlier this month I wrote about what Mulholland Highway looked like shortly after the fire and it looked absolutely scorched with a lot of the road markings not even visible, which was a big part of why they shut down the highway in the first place.

Mulholland Snake burned
Woolsey Fire damage at Mulholland Canyon

With the recent rains that have swept through California, it looks like the roads are now clean. Plus, with fresh lines marking where the edge of the roads are, drivers and riders can safely see where they’re going, which is important when navigating a twisty canyon road.

It looks like the paint is still fresh as one rider in the comments mentioned he almost slipped on fresh paint near The Rock Store, a popular hangout near Mulholland Highway.

So, if you’re planning on going to Mulholland Highway for a drive this Christmas and beyond, make sure your car is in tip-top shape, follow the lines, stay in your lane, and drive safely!

Also, Merry Christmas!

Source: RNickeyMouse


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