Somehow this hot-lapping Corvette triggered emergency services to give him a call mid-corner not once, twice, but three times.

The C7 ZR1 is the most powerful Chevrolet Corvette that GM has ever built so when “Automobile Magazine” journalists got the chance to hoon one around a racetrack for an afternoon, you better believe they jumped on the chance to take one out for a spin. According to a Youtube video uploaded by the magazine earlier today (Dec. 26,2018) the lap was going fine until they got a call from a concerened OnStar rep who asked if everyone was OK. As mentioned, not only did OnStar call once but three times with three different people to confirm that he was indeed OK.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below.

Onstar uses live data collected from its multiple sensors and accelerometers located throughout the car to determine if there’s been a crash. If there’s enough data pointing towards a crash event, Onstar’s onboard module will call Onstar automatically, which, at that point, a live Onstar agent will call you to confirm if you’re OK and if they need to send help.

For some odd reason, pushing a Corvette ZR1 to its limits triggered Onstar to call for help. Perhaps it was the brute G-forces that are exerted on the sensors that triggered a distress signal from the car.

Although Onstar has been largely a blessing and bit of peace of mind for drivers, there have been instances where Onstar acted erratically beyond just a call back from their agents. According to GM Authority, a Camaro had its airbags go off at atrack day once. That driver’s day was pretty much done at that point. This CTS-V below had his airbags go off during an autocross.

Thankfully what Automobile Magazine experienced was not a case of blown airbags.

Hopefully, GM gets this sorted out because going fast at high G’s is something the ZR-1 was meant to do!

Source: Automobile Magazine


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