Here’s a video of some unfortunate car driver with a couple of mods getting slapped with a $1,000 fine.

California police are not messing around at all and here’s video proof. According to @Hard_Park, a car enthusiast whose got his ear to the ground on what’s happening with car enthusiasts in and around Sacramento, his account shared a video that should shock anyone with any kind of car mod driving around. This police officer is caught on camera slapping this car enthusiast with a $1,000 fine.

Check out that video below

? repost from @n1s_moe/? Owner:@fly_z34rick just got hit with the $1,000 fine and state ref, this is a real thing happening throughout California, I already got five reports of locals out here getting hit up like this just this week. Non correctable $1,000 fine and a visit to the state ref. This is way over the top guys. I don’t know how we are going to fight or survive this year in 2019… ⚠️Everyone please share and repost, tag all the car friends you care about to give them a heads up! We can’t let this happen quietly.⚠️ if you don’t want to loose $1,000 for a stupid exhaust stop which ALWAYS leads to a state ref is seems now. Sign the petition in my profile link.

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Like the police officer says in the video, exhaust violations are no longer correctable with a fix-it ticket and fines are mandatory. In addition, if police flag your car for a loud exhaust that must be checked by a ref station after the fact, you can’t continue to drive around with a modified exhaust and just expect to keep paying the fine. They want you to correct it whether you like it or not.

It honestly sucks for everyone and is the opening salvo on an increasingly aggressive stance towards car enthusiasts and police in general.

How do you expect police to respond with increasing reports of sideshow activity, car meets gone wild, hit-and-run deaths due to street racing and general unwanted behavior glorified on social media? Police can only do what is in their power which is to listen to lawmakers (as civil servants) and continue to enforce and ratchet up law enforcement.

I’d just throw on your stock exhaust and be done with it. If you do want to drive around with a modified exhaust, have some extra disposable income in your bank account to pay the inevitable fine coming your way.

Source:@hard_park via Instagram


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