Scrolling through Instagram, I came across a mobile tire service that’s saving these car journalists and weekend racers hours of their day.

Let’s face it, time is money and for some people, shopping around town for the best place to get your tires swapped out, actually going there and getting it done and dealing with other customers can be an inconvenience┬áif you’re a busy person where an hour or two of time from your schedule literally costs you hundreds of dollars. Enter ZipTire, a mobile tire installation I came across from one of my favorite car journalists on Instagram earlier today (Jan 12, 2019.┬áInstead of going around to a tire shop and having to wait, this mobile tire service will come to you instead.

Here’s a screenshot from showing the list of prices for their services.

Ziptire prices

Comparing the above prices to say Walmart, you’re not going to beat a big box chain but honestly, not by much. Walmart charges you $15 dollars to dismount an old tire, mount a new tire, and balance a tire on a wheel. Compare that to $20 for mounting and balancing a new tire on a wheel from Ziptire and it’s not like Ziptire is charging you an arm and a leg for their service.

Let’s say you’re like me, someone who’ll probably buy (4) tires from a tire shop or online, perhaps some Federal 595s or something for a good price. Looking at their list of prices, I’m looking at spending a minimum of $80 for them to come out, swap out all my old tires, swap in my new ones I bought, and balance all of them. Plus, they use all the latest technology, as per their video, the same tire changing equipment Formula 1 uses (ever heard of ’em?)

If I went to Walmart, I would’ve saved $20 overall but honestly, do I really think Walmart tire techs would’ve done as good a job? Maybe.

They do other things besides tires so checking them out is worth your while. And here’s a link to their Yelp reviews from what other people have said.

It looks like they only work in and around Los Angeles so if you live in any other part of California, or, the rest of the world, you’re out of luck. I live in Central California so no dice for me but perhaps you live in an area where they offer their service?




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