Toyota of Cool Springs Tennessee is allegedly adding a $25,000 ADM on Launch Edition Supras and that’s just the beginning.

If you thought $15,000 added dealer markups on those Honda Civic Type R’s was a big deal, boy, do Toyota dealerships around the country have a surprise for you. According to this prospective 2020 Toyota Supra shopper earlier today on his Facebook post, he walked away from reserving his Supra after finding out just how much markup the dealership wanted. Toyota of Cool Springs, TN wants an extra $25,000 on top of the Launch Edition’s MSRP. That’s right, if you want to own one of the first Supras and shop at that dealership you’ll have to shell out a whopping $81,180, at least, for a Launch Edition Supra. Launch Editions have a $56,180 MSRP.

Check out the man’s post below. And here’s a mirror just in case his post goes down. 

As his caption mentions, not only will Launch Edition Supras get an ADM but regular Supra shoppers can expect a $15,000 ADM as well.

It’s understandable that a dealership would add ADM to the Launch Editions. According to Toyota they’re only coming out with 1,500 Launch Editions. Those Launch editions get exclusive colors, special interior bits, and a coveted numbered badge so I get the hype on those. But, as far as I know, Toyota isn’t going to set a limit on regular production Supras, so that other ADM is, in my opinion, asinine and unnecessary.

MSRP for standard 2020 Toyota Supras starts at $49,990 before delivery, processing, handling, and the inevitable financing. I fully expect dealerships to add ADM to these Supras, I get it. Perhaps I haven’t gotten over the Civic Type R ADM scare of 2018.

My advice to anyone shopping for a Supra is to wait it out a bit. You’ll hear sensational headlines like mine for several months as new buyers head into dealerships. Don’t blame Toyota. Dealerships are independently owned. This is what dealerships do. Wait it out. Pay MSRP. It can be done.

The new 2020 Toyota Supra was born into this world with enthusiasts already hating it. I wrote a blog piece last week explaining exactly why. The MKIV Supra was a dead-set legend so its successor had to be good, and for a few purists, 100 percent Toyota. Not everyone’s happy with this Toyota/BMW mashup, but here we are, the new Supra wouldn’t be here without our Bavarian bros. and there are plenty of prospective Supra shoppers that can overlook that. It just stinks that they also have to deal with scummy dealerships too.

Source: James Bonet


  1. Priority Toyota in Chesapeake Virginia is selling ALL Supra models at a $30,000 markup. Their reasoning is they have “priority for life” which is free oil changes for life. That and they are telling consumers there will only be 900 Supra’s EVER.


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