Washington police don’t mess around. Using an on-ramp illegally lands this Youtuber a whole week in a County Jail.

If you follow @Zwing on social media, this low-key renaissance man with an LS BMW will be in County Jail for an entire week thanks to the shenanigans he pulled a couple months ago. According to Zach Wingfield in an official Instagram post from earlier today (Jan. 22, 2019) he announced to his fans that he’ll be going away for a little while thanks to a stunt he pulled on his own rally earlier last year.

Learn a lesson from Mr. Wingfield and learn to use on-ramps for what they’re supposed to be used for, merging.


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So.. no I’m not going to a deserted island to start my modeling career. (Refer to last post) I finally had my long awaited trial after going to 12 different court hearings down here in Chehalis. Basically on the rally back in May I was frustrated being stuck in traffic and chose to use the on ramp as a lane to pass someone. Once you’ve entered the highway the up coming on ramps are considered a shoulder. I’ll be put away for a week starting tonight in Lewis county for wreckless driving. DO NOT use my post to bash on police or law enforcement – I have nothing but the utmost respect for them and this WSP officer was just doing his job. Use this as an example of what could happen when making poor driving choices as I often choose to do. My face says it all.. I’ve lost my license for 30 days, paid almost $4,000 in court costs and can’t exceed 5mph over the limit for the next 24 months or I have to serve 365 days ?. Honestly… could’ve been much worse despite the small maneuver because of my driving record. Be safe out there friends!! Abide by the traffic laws, other wise it’ll catch up to you eventually. Big thanks to @mike_o_rozov for picking up the race car and bringing it safely home back to #zwingHQ! Speak to you guys soon! This soon will pass #zwingprobz #SLS #mercedes #FREEZWING

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As his caption explains, someone phoned into the police that Zach was using an on-ramp to pass a couple cars ahead of him. The rally Zach is referring to is his own Zwing Rally, a four-day rally that winds its way from near his hometown in Seattle to SEMA in Las Vegas, NV.

Zach didn’t share where exactly he got pulled over so I zoomed over to Lewis County, WA on Google Maps to see if there are any on-ramps that match his description. This on-ramp near Chehalis, one of the places he mentions he had to go to for court, looks like an accurate representation of where he got caught.

As you can see, the on-ramp on the left runs for a couple hundred meters and is where, presumably, Zwing took an opportunity to use it as a passing lane. It probably didn’t help, as his video shows, that he was in a bright red Mercedes SLS, a car that sticks out like a sore thumb among the regular Washington road fare.

On top of the jail time he wasted $4,000 in court costs and gets a suspended license? Sounds like this Zwing fellow would’ve benefited from a better lawyer.

And if the name Zwing sounds familiar, he’s the YouTuber that organized a commercial from last year that wrecked a clean MKIV Supra.

So, the next time you’re in Washington, stuck in traffic, don’t do what Zwing did. Be patient. Stay in your lane. It’s not worth…jail.

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