Fremont Police have a 2014 Tesla Model S 85 in their police fleet.

If you ever find yourself in the city of Fremont, California you might want to familiarize yourself with what the front of this particular Tesla Model S looks like because the Fremont Police now have one as a police car. According to Fremont Police in a press release they put out earlier today (Jan. 23,2019) a Tesla Model S they purchased used last year finally has all the necessary upgrades that they deem necessary for its job as a police vehicle. This particular Tesla Model S will be replacing a worn out 2007 Dodge Charger that’ll presumably be auctioned off sometime soon.

Here’s a couple of photos of this Tesla Police car roaming around Silicon Valley below.

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Of course, the lower photo is what the Tesla Model S Police vehicle looked like before it was kitted out with all its lights and a push bar. As mentioned, this Tesla Model S is an 85 variant which means there’s one electric motor out back only powering the rear wheels. EPA says this Model S has a 270 mile range but that range will be considerably lower considering how abrupt police vehicles accelerate.

The tale of the tape should be an upgrade compared to the old Dodge Charger it’s replacing. With 382 HP and 325 lb-ft, most importantly, all that torque available from a near standstill, this Tesla Model S will surely have more than enough power for city duties.

Fremont Police estimate that switching to an EV over five years will save the department upwards of $32,000 in fuel alone not to mention $15,000 in wear and tear compared to a regular gas car. Fremont police have their own solar powered parking spaces and charging units so, minus the cost of infrastructure, Fremont Police can recharge costing them literally pennies.

Fremont Police are not the only police force to switch to Teslas. Electrek reports that the The Los Angeles, Denver, and even the Scotland Yard police departments all use one or several Model S’s. Here’s Los Angeles’s Tesla below.

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I can only imagine the boys at Tesla over in Palo Alto will be keen to see the data coming in from Fremont Police on just how effective their Tesla Model S is doing. If I were Elon Musk (in some alternate universe) I know I would.

Source: Fremont Police


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