Everyone knows the best way to film a risky commercial is to shoot it on a public road, not closed off.

The world now has one less clean MKIV Supra and E26 M3 because of some idiot YouTuber and his inept client. Please direct all your blame towards Youtuber Zach and Zwingfilms as per his latest video he uploaded on (Sept. 24,2018) which is now deleted, but still exists on the Internet (which we posted below…well the important bit) he somehow organized a commercial shoot on a public road using an innocent MKIV Supra and an E36 BMW M3 that wasn’t even owned by the driver and was in fact a customer’s car. Check out a short clip of the crash and a slightly longer clip of the crash below!

The video, as originally uploaded, starts off with Zach Wingfield coming in for a low-angle shot on his skateboard. Presumably, he’s going to edit out the shake during post.

I’m not sure if this BMW E36 M3 was supposed to drift out of that corner but it looks like he was entering that particular piece of road at an uncontrollable speed, and when he saw an approaching, overcorrected too much to avoid hitting said car.  Losing control, the M3 driver manages to skid directly into the side of the MKIV Supra parked on the corner in front of a building. Thank God that this particular Supra is RHD because the Supra owner is sitting on the other side opposite of where it got hit.

Two takeaways from this video. First, is the idiocy of guerilla-style filming on busy streets. Before the whole video was deleted, some keen-eyed redditors already ID’d the location of the commercial shooting place, a very busy part of British Columbia, Canada. There’s a Casino next door for heaven’s sake.

If you’re going to shoot a video with risky driving, don’t do it in public. And if you DO decide to do it on a public road, make sure there’s little to no traffic where you’re shooting.

The second point is to respect the customer’s cars. The E36 BMW M3 is under the “care” of a shop. These two monkeys decided it was OK to drive it around doing non-repair related activities. Respect the car and the customer! Don’t do that!

I hope the police and the insurance of that BMW E36 use this video as evidence against the shop that was working on this BMW E36 and this YouTuber.

Don’t do stupid things, film it, and put it on the internet, kids!



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