Spoon Sports now has a yellow valve cover for all of Honda’s 1.5T and 2.0T turbo engines.

Earlier last year almost to the date Spoon Sports got their hands on a new Civic Type R and started to develop parts for the 10th gen Civic including a yellow engine cover. But, what about the beautiful valve cover underneath? Now, according to Spoon Sports USA’s distributor Go Tuning Unlimited earlier today (Jan. 31, 2019) Spoon has yellow valve covers for both the 1.5T and 2.0T Honda Turbo engines. That’s right, if you have a 1.5T or 2.0T engine in your Civic, Accord, RDX, CR-V, etc. these yellow VCs are cross-compatible.

Check out what these cool looking valve covers look like below.


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Some #SpoonSports for the 1.5L Civic. #FK7 #FC1

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#SpoonSports Head Covers now available for #FK7 / #FC1 1.5L and #FK8 Civic Type-R.

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As usual with new turbo engines today with the coil packs, hard lines and wiring harness snaking its way around the valve cover, Honda smacks on a plastic engine cover to appease the masses who don’t want to see what their engines look like. But for us car enthusiasts, we actually like our valve covers and often rip off the engine covers when we see one.

With these Spoon Valve covers, who knew just how wonderful it looked underneath that engine cover?

Usually, when you rock a Spoon Valve cover it means, at the very least, you’re rocking a handful of Spoon Sports add-ons like brake and power steering reservoir socks, Spoon Wheels and the like. But, if you so saw fit, if you really want to rock just these lovely Yellow Valve covers on your Honda, no one’s stopping you.

If you want one now, GoTuning has them on sale for just $485 on their website. And if you’re old school, these valve covers are available in wrinkle red, too!

Source: Go Tuning


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