Volkswagen dropped its hottest 2019 Jetta GLI ever and this is how much we think it’ll cost and when you can expect to buy one at your nearest Volkswagen dealership.

Volkswagen didn’t have to drop a high-performance variant of its pokey V.W. Jetta but they did it anyway. According to Volkswagen in an official press release they dropped earlier yesterday (Feb, 8,2019) coinciding with the Chicago Auto Show the newly introduced Volkswagen Jetta GLI now sports an engine from the Golf GTI and has all the performance enhancing upgrades to go with that extra performance. Here’s how much the Jetta GLI will cost and when you can expect it in dealerships.

Before we get into pricing and when it’s for sale, allow me to go through the tail of the tape of this awesome fire-breathing sedan from Puebla, Mexico (where the Jetta GLI will probably be built.)

All other Jettas get a bog-standard 1.4T that pumps out an uninspiring 147 HP and 184 lb-ft. If horsepower sells cars, with seven more HP than a Corolla, that little 1.4T wasn’t doing the Jetta any favors.

Enter the 2.0T from the Gol GTI. This new powerplant makes a sausage burning 228 HP and 258 lb-ft paired with a 6-speed manual standard. Optional is a seven-speed DSG automatic. Giddyup.


As of this writing, Volkswagen HAS NOT released pricing, BUT we can extrapolate pretty closely.

Pricing for the current Jetta is as follows

  • S- $18,745
  • SE- $22,395
  • R-line- $23,245
  • SEL- $24,695
  • SEL Premium- $27,695

The Volkswagen Golf GTI starts at $27,595.

The previous Jetta GLI came in at $27,715.

Based on that we can safely assume that the 2019 Jetta GLI will cost more than $27,715 but not by much. With VW in the habit of pricing their cars ending in 5, I believe the MSRP will be around $27,995. 

When it’s on sale

Also, Volkswagen has not said exactly when the Jetta GLI to land in dealerships but they did say, “It is expected to begin arriving at U.S. Volkswagen dealers in the Spring of 2019” and since the Jetta GLI is based on the new MQB platform that’s already debuted last year, I don’t see any reason for Jetta GLI’s to be in dealerships by March 20, 2019. Around that time you can probably give your local VW dealership a call as they’ll have at least one in inventory.

As always, since these estimates are based on speculation I’ll update this article with exact figures as they come in.

Source: Volkswagen


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