Apparently, this marriage was just a ceremony, the courthouse marriage happening years ago.

Update August 5, 2022- According to the Inquisitr, Jared Toller filed for divorce against Constance Nunes on June 8, 2020 (court document linked here.) Judgement was rendered two weeks later. In other words, as of this update, Nunes is single.

Constance Nunes, most known for her work on the hit Netflix show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” officially married her long-time boyfriend Jared Toller earlier this weekend (Feb. 9,2019) According to several posts on Instagram, most notably the adorable hashtag #ConstantlyTolleratingU, the pair tied the knot at the world-famous Newhall Mansion in Piru, California with friends and family present.

Check out a shot of the lovely couple posing together in black and their wedding video below.


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Congratulations! @constance_nunes and Jared! #constantlytolleratingu

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Both the couple chose quite an unorthodox color choice for their wedding, black, which is the exact opposite of what people normally choose. It doesn’t stop at just their clothing as it looks like their cake, and reception theme included lots of black too.

Keen eyes will notice in their teaser video above Constance Nunes’s pride and joy, her 1964.5 Ford Mustang, a car that she’s constantly wrenching on and sharing on her personal Instagram.


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What should i get #babystang for Christmas ?? #constancenunes #carsbyconstance

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I’m not sure if I spotted any members from Gotham Garage in attendance but presumably, most of the cast and crew from that show were invited to the ceremony and reception.

And if you’re like me, wondering if there’s going to be a Season 2 of Car Masters: Wrecks to Riches, your guess is as good as mine. Posts from their Facebook suggest that a couple of 10/10 votes on IMDB or some good feedback from you, the viewers, on Netflix, will go a long way but by this writing the fate of Season 2 is probably already decided.

Anyhow, congrats to the lovely couple and cheers from us at Tire Meets Road on your journey together.

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  1. This show is light entertainment and great viewing. I don’t understand above comments about it being fake/scripted, maybe don’t watch or go catch up on a documentary or the news. Not everyone believes in satanism Anonymous, it’s just a fashion choice. I had black bridesmaid’s dresses and no one danced with the devil at our reception. She looked gorgeous!

  2. I hope they do some more Gotham Garage series it’s my favorite car show,, everyone in the show is bad ass like the cars they create,and to have a hot a** engine specialist,,Mate it’s a no brainer,,and to build very rare concept cars f*** fox film some more shows they all deserve money they deserve because this is the only show that I’ve seen build all kinds of shit Gotham style,,My Favorite Car Build Show,2nd B****’n Rides then the rest….


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