American Honda Motors of Torrance is holding an informal tour of their secret collection hall including a walking tour of their campus this coming Friday, Feb. 15.

You’ve heard the stories, saw the YouTube videos and maybe even seen your friend sharing pictures and stories from their Instagram and now’s your chance. According to Charles Schnieber, Honda’s Manager of Shows and Exhibits, on his personal Instagram earlier today (Feb. 11, 2019) he unofficially unannounced that whoever comes across his Instagram post is cordially invited to join another Honda Associate on an informal tour of the secret collection hall in Torrance, Calif as well as a walking tour of their American Honda Motors campus across the street.

The date of the “open house” of sorts is on Feb.15 and the tour is from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

The address of Honda’s “Secret” Museum is 19988 Van Ness, Torrance, Calif.

Please, check out his post below!


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Here’s a rare photo of “Pappy” Musselman – a dirt track racer and family HONDA dealer in Arizona since 1961 – at the original AHM Pico building in LA. There aren’t many pics of this place and frankly there wasn’t too much to see there back in the day: some parts, an old 60s desk, an adding machine, a fake palm tree, a poster on the wall, a Cub with a sidecar, and, ok, sometimes…a multi cylinder 500cc GP roadracer. While we can’t invite you there any longer, we can invite you to our next open house at the AHM Collection Hall, this Friday, 10am-2pm. The facility is unmarked at 19988 Van Ness in Torrance CA. At noon, pending good weather and no rain, you are welcome to join @just_a_honda_guy for an informal walking tour of the AHM campus right down the street. Photography is encouraged at the Collection, however none is permitted on the AHM campus. Looking forward to Friday!

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If you’re a frequent visitor to my website you’ll know that I like to post the Google Street View of their museum which you can see below.

As you can see, the entire museum is gated off and it looks like either the gate is open down the street or you might have to circle the unofficial museum to see where everyone parks.

This museum, as hinted at, is Honda’s best and worst kept secret as in it’s not really a secret at all. It’s such a secret that there’s even a Yelp page for it. 

This museum is not open to the public so you’re not going to find any website advertising hours for this collection but if you’re really a Honda fan, a phone call or e-mail to the right person will get you in touch with the powers at be to get you in. Perhaps sending a comment or DM to the mentioned Instagrammer above is a good start although you didn’t hear it from me.

Also, if you want to confirm the event above for your own reassurance or you want to schedule a tour at a later date and want to know if that’s possible, I’d head over to Honda’s “Contact Us” page to find out more info. 

I’m not sure how often Honda Motors holds open houses at their Torrance museum but I reckon it’s not often. So, if you’re reading this, live a stone’s throw from Torrance, are a Honda fan, and want something to do the day after Valentine’s Day, you know what to do!

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