If you’re looking for that JDM look of BBR Competitions but don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the real thing, Rota Wheels has got your back.

BBR Competitions by Enkei are some of the most sought after JDM wheels for good reason, they look good with a timeless design and are super rare. That also means finding a set is tough and will cost you. If you want the look and can stand the heckling from your mates, Rota Wheels has a surprise for you. According to The Grip Guys on a recent post on Facebook earlier this year they clued us car enthusiasts in on a new wheel from Rota Wheel aptly dubbed the Rota EG6. Just check out how similar these wheel look compared to the real thing below.

Here’s a tweet from my personal Twitter where I’ve come across some properly rad JDM ads showcasing these wheels.

And here are what the Rota Wheels and their Rota EG6 look like thanks to The Grip Guys below.

Rota might not outright say it but the fact that they’ve named it the EG6 is a strong nod towards the heritage of these wheels. As far as period correct goes, these will look good on anything that Honda made in the 90s. That means your 92-95 Honda Civic hatches, coupes, and sedans will look brilliant with these on them. Sure, you can throw them on EF’s or even EK’s because their available offsets accommodate for that, but let’s be real, they look best on EG’s. It’s in the name.

Speaking of offsets, here are the sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets available straight from Rota Wheels website.

16 x 7 4×100 e+20 to +28 / e+30 to +40
16 x 7 4×108 e+20 to +28 / e+30 to +40
16 x 7 4×114.3 e+20 to +28 / e+30 to +40
16 x 7 5×100 e+30 to +40
16 x 7 5×108 e+30 to +40
16 x 7 5×110 e+30 to +40
16 x 7 5×112 e+30 to +40
16 x 7 5×114.3 e+30 to +40
16 x 7 5×120 e+30 to +40

Real BBR Competitions are an aluminum alloy two-piece welded design and are probably super light. There Rota replicas are more than likely gravity cast one-piece wheels but shouldn’t be too heavy. If I find out how much they weigh, I’ll update you all here.

Since these are a new wheel and people in the United States probably haven’t even heard of them, you won’t find them online yet. You might have to contact your local Rota Wheels distributor to get these wheels to your doorstep but they’ll be super affordable.

If you can’t wait to buy them locally, they’re already on eBay for as low as $575 for a set. Ya, that’s about $140 a wheel. What a steal for such an iconic look!

Source: Rota Wheels



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