AB-390, a bill specifically introduced to repeal the part of AB-1824 taking away fix-it tickets, is officially assigned to the Committee on Transportation.

Earlier yesterday (Feb. 15, 2019) presumably as one of the last things the Rules Committee did before heading out for the weekend, AB-390 was assigned to the Committee on Transportation, as expected. This signals the start for, those who support the bill, to spring into action as soon as possible. That means, e-mails, letters, tweets, phone calls and etc. specifically for the Committee on Transportation. If you want to support this bill effectively, I urge you to do these three things.

Civic type R exhaust
Civic type R exhaust

Sign up for SEMA’s Action Network NOW!

First, we, as car enthusiasts, must get organized and rally together under one unified voice. One of the best ways you can do that right now is to sign up for alerts from the SEMA Action Network. SEMA has at least one person in Washington D.C. who is following what is happening and will be releasing an action plan for ALL enthusiasts who support this bill to follow.


Familiarize yourself with how a bill becomes a law in California.

Knowledge is power, my friends, and if the last time you learned about how a bill becomes a law was in the fifth grade, it’s time to bone up!

Here is a very thorough guide from the California State Assembly themselves.

TL;DR- AB-390 must pass committee, the house, and the Senate with a majority vote for each to keep going. From there, it heads to the California governors desk. See what I mean by this is literally the first step?

Find out who your House and Senate reps are.

If and when AB-390 makes it through the Transportation Committee, you’re going to want to “lobby” your House and Senate representative with a letter and perhaps a phone call. Your reps listen to their constituents a.k.a. people who live in their area, more than other Californians so your voice is better heard contacting them.

Click here to find out who THEY are and note their contact information.

It’s probably not too early to let them know that you support AB-390 and want to see it passed through the House and Senate. Give their office a call and let them know that AB-390 hurts low-income individuals, makes it harder for police to prove exhaust violations in court, and takes away money that could’ve been used to fix exhaust violations away from car enthusiasts.

To sum up, sign up for the SEMA Action Network, familiarize yourself with how a California bill makes it through our bi-cameral system, and get ready to contact your house and senate reps in your district.

Source: California Legislative Information



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