Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Wheels with two valve stems

Why do some wheels have two valve stems?

There are two reasons and it's because of racecars. 99.99 percent of wheels only have one valve stem because that's all any normal car...

BBS Wheels USA to customers, we’re stable & you can still buy our wheels

Reports of BBS Wheels going into bankruptcy have been grossly exaggerated. Panic set into the aftermarket car community earlier this week with news that...

Rota Slipstreams now available in semi-forged form

The infamous Spoon SW388 replica is now available with a slightly stronger design thanks to Rota Wheels somewhat new semi-forging equipment Rota's been re-making some...
BBR Competition Knockoff

Rota Wheels has a BBR Competition Replica called the EG6

If you're looking for that JDM look of BBR Competitions but don't want to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the real thing, Rota...
Ambit Replica Gramlights

Ambit wheels now has a RAYS Gram Lights 57DR replica for half the price

Real JDM Wheels are expensive. Thankfully there are cheaper options out there for you replica wheel fans and Ambit wheels is coming out with...
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