The infamous Spoon SW388 replica is now available with a slightly stronger design thanks to Rota Wheels somewhat new semi-forging equipment

Rota’s been re-making some of its more popular gravity cast wheels in semi-forged form and now, their popular Slipstream joins the flow formed lineup. According to Rota Wheels USA on their official Instagram page, it looks like United States Rota Wheels distributors can now hook you up with Slips in this improved design.

Rota Wheels have been making semi-forged wheels for more than a year now, first introducing their semi-forged lineup last year in April.

It even looks like these semi-forged Slipstream wheels have been available in other more popular Rota wheel markets in South East Asia. Perhaps, only now is Rota Wheels confident enough that consumers in the United States will pony up the slightly higher price for a lighter, stronger, and more durable wheel.

Right now you can find regular Rota Slipstreams in 15×6.5 for around $475 with free shipping. The same design wheels but in Rota’s new Flow Formed construction cost a bit over 12 percent more at around $535 wheels.

Regular Gravity Cast Slipstreams in 15×6.5 weigh about 11.9 pounds. According to Rota Wheels, these new Flow Formed Slipstreams are slightly lighter at 11.3 pounds a piece. That’s 2.4 pounds saved all around, honestly not an amazing weight savings, but weight savings nonetheless.

These new FF Slipstreams also have a slightly different look.

Of course, like all semi-forged vs. gravity cast wheels, the devil is in the details, or, in what you can’t see with the naked eye.

According to Speed Academy,

“The flow forming process stretches and compresses the aluminum in the barrel area of the wheel, and in the process the structure of the alloy is realigned in a way that enhances its tensile strength and stiffness, giving it similar properties to a forged wheel in the barrel area.”

For a slightly higher price, I think these new FF Slipstreams are well worth the price.

If you’re looking for a high quality wheel in an attractive design for not a lot of cash, the FF Slipstream is for you.



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