Spoon Sports updated their one and only Carbon Kevlar bucket seat and this time it looks a whole lot better and promises to be more durable.

If you’re hankering for a seat upgrade and are looking for a way to spend your tax return in one fell swoop, Spoon Sports can help you out with that. According to Spoon Sports US in an Instagram post earlier today (Feb. 19, 2019) Spoon Sports updated their carbon kevlar seat for 2019 for looks and durability. And, if you want to be one of the first cool cats on your block with this bit of Spoon bling hugging your bum, you’re in luck because pre-order is available.

Check out a preview of what this seat looks like below.

First, here’s what the current, out of stock, carbon kevlar seat looks like. The rear looks amazing with the carbon fiber kevlar embedded weave, it’s something that will make gawkers at your next car meet go gaga over. It’s a carbon weave so tight and evenly spaced, there’s no denying that this is the real Spoon Sports deal.

But, look at that front seat material, not exactly my cup of tea. It looks rather plain for something you dropped almost 2 g’s on.


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But here’s Spoon’s update carbon kevlar seat for 2019, it’s got a much more refined front look and supposedly the material is top notch stuff.


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Revised #SpoonSports Carbon Bucket Seat. Coming Soon…

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Here’s what Spoon Sports says about their seat on their website.

“This seat uses low rebound flexible polyurethane foam and a durable fabric for improved driver comfort and durability over previous seat versions. The seat features a black embroidered Spoon logo and small Spoon tag. The bucket shape allows the driver to withstand greater later-G loading with less effort. Shell has spine cutout for increased comfort. Weighs 5.7 kg.”

Initial comments on Spoon Sports USA’s account indicate that since this is a one size fits all seat, it’ll probably be the same dimensions as the old one a.k.a. small.

Here are the dimensions of the old seat.

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Expect to pay around $1,600 for this seat. It is carbon kevlar and weighs just 12 pounds so it’s super light. As they say, you’ve got to pay to play, homie.

The good news is that now, resellers of the old seat probably won’t charge you as much since hey, I can just buy a new one for that price.

Source: Spoon Sports USA 


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