When this Hemet, Calif. Mom came in for a flat repair, she knew she needed four new tires ASAP but couldn’t afford them. She was in dire straights, that is until a stranger stepped in and helped her out.

Tires, it’s one of those maintenance items that we simply can’t put off because of how important they are for safety. So when this Hemet, California woman came into her local American Tire to patch up a punctured flat, she was immediately informed that not only did she need just that one tire repaired, she needed ALL of them replaced because they were all bald. In a Facebook post shared by local resident Sergio Rodriguez shortly after the incident, Rodriguez described what happened next. You can read his post in his story below.

In a statement to Riverside County News Source, Ms. Alex Woods, the recipient of the new tires explained how “her truck’s been sliding around for weeks.” Anyone who knows anything about the current California weather situation knows that the Golden State’s been getting its fair share of wet weather these past few days. Good tires are crucial for staying on the road safely.

The kindness didn’t stop there as RCNS goes on to explain that the store manager at American Tire was so taken aback with how kind Phil was, he hooked Phil up with additional Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors as Phil later found out he needed two more sensors than the two he originally came in for.

All too often in this social media world where entertainment and negative news rules our feeds, it’s stories like this that remind me what’s really important, growing and spreading that kindness sorely needed in a seemingly divided world.

Let’s all take a lesson from Phil and spread a little love where it’s in our power.

Source: Sergio Rodriquez


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