If you’re wondering just exactly what kind of Taco Sauce from Taco Bell that trapped hiker had and how much of it, you’ll be surprised.

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Earlier last week we all got some amazing news out of Oregon on the story of a trapped hiker stuck for five days in his Toyota 4Runner with nothing but his dog by his side and some Taco Bell Hot Sauce. According to Jeremy Taylor, the trapped Hiker, on a Facebook post from earlier last week (March 1, 2019) he attributes three packets of Taco Bell FIRE sauce to saving his life. You read that right, the man only had three Taco Bell Packets with him. Other outlets quoted Taylor that, “Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!” Here’s the post from the Sherrif’s department announcing the momentous occasion and the update from Jeremy himself.

In addition, I’ve posted what is the full nutritional info for Taco Bell Border Sauce below.

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If you’re wondering how three Taco Bell Sauce packets kept the man alive for so long it’s because the nutrition in the sauce wasn’t what largely kept the man alive but the body fat already on his person.

If you look at the photo of Jeremy above, he seems to be a fairly average sized man, not particularly skinny but not that overweight, either. In all likelihood, during his time stuck, he lost quite a bit of weight and if you weighed him before and after he got stuck, I reckon he’d lost more than 15 pounds.

Since he was stuck in snow I can only assume he melted some of the fresh ice near his 4Runner and drank that, too.

And according to KOMO News, Taco Bell caught wind of the role, however small, that Taco Bell Border Sauce played in keeping him alive and are sending him and his dog a care package.

Where you like me and thought that there was something special about those Taco Bell Sauce Packets? Will you ever look at Taco Bell Fire Border Sauce the same way ever again? Let me know your thoughts on this amazing story in the comments below!

Source: Jeremy Taylor


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