Youtuber and all-around American hoon Adam LZ took a trip down to Australia to explore its Motorsports culture and national Australian News caught wind of it.

Car Youtuber Adam LZ isn’t famous just in America anymore, he’s now notorious for being a hoon in Australia, too. According to Current Affair, a news Program in Australia famous for covering sensational…current affairs, the program aired a substantial piece earlier this week (Mar. 5,2019) showing Adam LZ “hooning it up” for his personal YouTube thanks to the hospitality of some Aussie hoons themselves willing to rip a couple of drifts on camera to better foster Aussie-American relations. Check out the video in full below.

I didn’t watch the whole segment because once you’ve seen local news cover one incident of car shenanigans, be it street takeovers, sideshows, and illegal drag racing, you’ve seen them all.

Current Affairs does its best to really hype up the situation for being far more dangerous than it really is by playing some cheesy, heart-pounding music, but it’s just awful. Current Affair even wrangles in a real-deal college professor to explain what they’re seeing on camera like it’s a phenomenon people watching need explaining.

I particularly found it funny how racing’s worst kept secret location, Mexico, hasn’t quite made it across to Australian on-air personalities. Mexico is a tongue-in-cheek reference to only street racing in Mexico although video evidence clearly points to the contrary.

Adam LZ got such a kick out of all the drama his YouTube clips picked up overseas he even fabbed up a fake letter from local authorities first informing him he’s not allowed back but then asks for driving tips as an aside.

And you’d think that all this negative attention flung his way would have this YouTuber shook but quite the contrary, he’s enjoying every second of it.

Congrats, Adam LZ, on making it on some international news. And for the rest of Australia and your anti-hooning laws, all y’all need to lighten up. It’s just drifting.

What do you think about Adam LZ’s Australian trip? Do you think Current Affair have nothing better to do than cover a bit of street drifting? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Adam LZ


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