This extremely cambered and stanced Honda Accord really tried to make a rock star entrance at the latest Clean Culture show in Florida but instead broke his car in the process.

This Florida man might want to consider beefing up his front suspension the next time he pulls an entrance like this because Lord know he needs it. Video emerged from this weekend’s Clean Culture show in Florida earlier this weekend (Mar. 6, 2019) showing Honda Accord sedan owner Jeremy Pimentel a.k.a.@Static_jp_ snapping his front control arms in half as he entered the show’s main entrance. Since this video surfaced, dozens of car Instagram accounts and others on social media accounts have reposted the video as a warning of sorts to those living the cambered life on the daily. Check out the video for yourself below. And don’t get me started on whoever filmed it in portrait mode.

To be honest, as other commenters have pointed out, his brazen entrance is reminiscent of how a lot of Bosozoku and extremely stanced cars enter parking lots in Japan during shows. Check out this Youtube video showing you what I mean.

As you can see, there are two schools of thought on how to enter a car show with extreme camber and stance; either go really fast and let momentum carry you forward, aero bits be damned, or enter as slow as you can at an angle to avoid any damage at all. The first method is the riskiest although a crowd pleaser when done right. You’d better know your car well if you want to pull off an entrance like that one, though.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that, during three hours of the Clean Culture show, Jeremy and his friends helped repair the Accord so it can drive home. And, less than 72 hours later, his Accord is out mobbing the streets like nothing happened, although he’ll need to repaint his new fender to match.

Props to you, Jeremy, for taking it in stride and doing your best to not let the haters get to you. Here’s to your next car show, my friend, a show you can hopefully enjoy instead of wrenching.

Source: Jeremey Pimentel


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