Here’s everything you need to know about when, where, and how much are tickets for 2019’s California Truck Invasion.

What is the California Truck Invasion?

California Truck Invasion or CTI is the nation’s largest, rowdiest, and vendor friendly truck show, as the event title hints at, meant solely for trucks. Truck culture has really picked up in the past couple of years with the first CTi in 2016. Since then, with wild burnouts, the “wettest” rides, and the hottest engine swaps from the show making the rounds on social media, this CTI is THEE show to go to if you love trucks in California.


April 13, 2019, from 12 P.M.- 8.P.M.


National Orange Show Event Center
689 South E Street
San Bernardino, CA 92408

How much are tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online by visiting

Spectator- $35
Show truck parking for (1) truck- $100
Show truck parking + burnout box- $100
Vendor $800

Free parking and official parking?

Parking is $20 a vehicle.

There is no official free parking and it’s not a good idea to street park as people breaking into cars in San Bernardino is a thing. If you DO want to street park, here are a couple places to check out.

-Corner of Central and Arrowhead
-to be continued

If you take Uber/Lyft/Rideshare, you can be dropped on in front of Gate 8.

How do I participate in the burnout box and is their a tech inspection?

As far as I know, there are no technical requirements to participate in the burnout box besides the obvious, no leaks, nothing should be able to fly off, and your truck should be in good running condition.

Simply purchase a $100 ticket that specifies a Burnout Box add-on and show up in the specified area.

Finally, here are a couple of videos that should get you hyped for California Truck Invasion 2019.

Source: Event Brite

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