This grade A idiot apparently failed his High School chemistry class because he’d know about the flashpoints of gas and diesel being two entirely different temperatures.

According to KRCA news, shocking footage emerged from Stockton earlier today (Mar. 7,2019) showing a distraught neighbor pouring liquid diesel on the front door of his neighbor’s house in an attempt, described to police, as ridding his house of ghosts. The entire incident was caught on a Ring camera with the video promptly handed over to police as video evidence after it went viral on social media. Check out the shocking video for yourself below.

The Vietnamese man later identified as Cuong Pham was shortly arrested after being reported to police and faces homicide and arson charges.

Any average car enthusiast knows, at the very least, that gasoline and diesel burn very differently and that diesel requires its mixture of diesel and air to hit a certain pressure before it can combust to provide power. Go ahead and correct me in the comments but as I understand it, gasoline and diesel have completely different flashpoint temperatures or the temperature a liquid must reach a certain point before it turns into vapor and can be ignited.

Gasoline has a flash point of -45F and diesel has a much higher flashpoint of around 126F. That means before you can ignite diesel, the liquid diesel must reach at least a temperature of 126F before an ignition source can light it on fire. That isn’t to say an open match can’t light diesel because it can. It takes patience, practically no wind, and a good match to light diesel. Check out this video below.

If Pham had used gasoline, the way he was lighting it, the gasoline would’ve exploded in a ball of flames in his general direction as well as catching the surrounding porch on fire.

Luckily, simple chemistry was on this family’s side.

Did you know you can’t easily light diesel with a match, too? Have you lit diesel with simple tools before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: KRCA


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