This Honda Civic with a 1.5T spooly boi really had the cojones to call out a Nissan 350Z from a dig, no doubt, but here we are.

I’m a simple man, I see a front-wheel drive Honda Civic absolutely owning what most people assume to be superior, more power rear-wheel-drive cars, and I write a couple of words about it. This Civic doing its thing is no different. As per Civic 1.5T owner @Type_Sport and his friendly run against a 350Z earlier this weekend (Mar. 21, 2019) although the Z got the jump on him, the little Civic that could, slowly but surely pulled that Nissan 350Z in. Check out the video for yourself below.

It used to be cliché to say that Civic’s don’t have off-the-line torque but that’s no longer the case. But, from a dig, with power only going to those wheels up front, it takes a second for the Civic to hit full boost and really start making the race interesting.

The Nissan 350Z doesn’t exactly take it easy and really reaches into its upper rev limit to extract every bit of horsepower it can muster against the Civic. But, with the Civic benefiting from a 200-pound weight advantage and a boost in power above and beyond stock, which I’ll get to in a minute, a lightly modded 305Z stands no chance against newer Civics.

Stock, 1.5T Civic Sports, which this one is, come with around 180 HP and 162 lb-ft. A quick glance through Type_Sport’s account reveals he’s cornfed with E85 and Ktuned with an additional +30 HP and 45 lb-ft thanks to the aforementioned flashtune, that a total of 210 HP and 207 lb-ft if you’re not keeping score.

Even though 350Z’s are more powerful from the factory, with around 287 HP and 274 lb-ft at the crank, a look at any stock dyno chart on the internet from base Z’s and you’ll see past 5,000 RPM, most Z’s lose steam whereas newer Civics, thanks to a simple flash tune, have so much more torque available down low and keep all that available torque throughout most of the useable rev range. That’s why this Civic pulls away from that Z.

People will continue to count out these Civics because well, they are just fuel sippers and day-to-day sweethearts. But if you’re going to line up next to one to throw down, you’d better be confident in your setup.

Source: Type_Sport


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