This San Diego based towing company was allegedly caught on camera dumping large amounts of garbage on the ground in the middle of a shopping center.

There are few things that ruin your day more than coming across a bunch of trash in the middle of your town. It certainly bothered Redditor and San Diego Resident, who goes by the name GusIsBoosted online who cared enough to whip out his phone and start filming. According to Gus and his post on from earlier today (Mar. 20, 2019) he caught a Western Towing driver allegedly taking piles of garbage from the back of a truck being towed and straight dumping it onto San Diego Private property for the property owners to deal with. Check out the post and video for yourself below.

Western Towing dumping waste in our community from r/sandiego

Honestly, the video doesn’t provide much in the way of proof. The tow driver can be seen talking on his phone next to a large, dead Christmas Tree so I doubt this video can be used in court against the Western Towing but better something than nothing. Prior to the video, Gus also alleges that the tow driver was cursing him out, shouting threats his way. Commenters ID’d the location as Otay Ranch in Chula Vista.

Almost all large private property managers sublet out towing services to a tow company like Western Towing. In return for exclusive towing rights of that area, I assume property owners, for each car towed, pay a small fee to get that parking spot or space freed up.

It goes without saying but property owners don’t pay for towing companies to sully up their premises with garbage, they pay them to free parking spaces and enforce parking rules.

Additionally, as a business that prides itself on serving the San Diego County “for over 30 years” you’d think they’d instill some type of pride and self-respect in their drivers not to act like total jerks in the areas they work in. If you’ve got garbage that impedes your work, dumping it in the middle of nowhere and expecting someone else to deal with it is not the right thing to do.

Asking the private property owners on proper procedures disposing large items, dealing with it yourself or perhaps dumping it near a trash receptacle would all be acceptable ways to deal with garbage you initially don’t want to deal with.

What do you think about people who dump illegally in your city? Why do you think they do what they do? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: Reddit

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