This Honda 1300 Coupe Golden Series Custom trim level is so rare, no one can seem to find a photo of one ever existing outside catalog photos.

I wrote about the Honda 1300 Coupe and Sedan in a blog post earlier last week explaining how, thanks to its air-cooled engine and slow sales, it only ever made it as a mediocre sales success in Japan and a handful of export markets like Australia and New Zealand.

Digging a little deeper into this uncommon Honda, for 1970, Honda offered two separate trim levels for Coupe; Dynamic and Golden.

As the name suggests, Dynamic was the sportier of the two versions but also the least expensive compared to the Golden series. It’s easy to pick out Dynamic series 1300 coupes as they’re characterized by their beak shaped front grilles. Inside, 1300 Coupe in Dynamic trim, looking at catalog photos, came with a Houndstooth cloth interior standard.

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The Golden series 1300 Coupe had special non-beak styled grilles with a more traditional front look. Two headlights were chosen over four and interiors offered full leather instead of cloth.

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Both Dynamic and Golden series 1300 Coupe’s had single carb and four carb versions of its revolutionary air-cooled engine that, at full sing, made a decent 115 HP for the sportier four carb.

The rarest trim level of all was the Golden Series custom and Automatic custom which came after the Golden series standard and deluxe. This trim level had a special front grille that was a bit more streamlined and classier compared to standard and deluxe. Being the most expensive of the 1300 Coupe’s it’s also one of the most obscure and rare. And yes, admittedly, it looks a lot like the front of the Ford Mustangs of the time.

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Conferring with a few of my go-to Honda guys in the know on social media, no one can seem to find a single photo of the Honda 1300 Coupe Golden Series Custom outside of a catalog, it’s like Honda never sold one.

Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe Golden Series Custom, possibly the most rare Honda ever

I refuse to believe that none ever left Honda’s factory without making its way into the public.

Do you have a photo of this rare trim level in the wild? Care to share it? Comment with a link to this rare Honda below or shoot me an e-mail If you do share, I’ll be sure to update this article as well as pen a few words about it in your honor. You’ll be doing it for posterity’s sake.

I’ve tweeted out a call to action on my personal twitter as well as putting out this blog post in hopes someone will read it and might know a possible source to find an owner of the Honda 1300 Coupe Golden Series Custom.

Let’s get to work, internet!


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