Tempers flared and mistakes were made during Race #2 of a two-race NASCAR Whelen All-American series at SoBo.

Forrest Reynolds, car builder of Philip Morris, attempted to pull out the MSD ignition box of rival racer Lee Pulliam but was met with a rude awakening when Pulliam hit the gas sending Reynolds flying during caution of Race #2 of NASCAR’s Whelen All-American Series Race at South Boston Speedway earlier this weekend (Mar. 30, 2019.) Video obtained by Sobo Spotter Jesse Vaughn was posted to Twitter shortly after which you can see for yourself below.

Thanks to some crack reporting from The Gazette-Virginian earlier yesterday, we pretty much have the “why” this little fight happened. It looks like Morris’s car was dialed in and Philip himself was in fighting form coming into this weekend. With Morris winning the first of two races, all he needed to do was continue his winning ways into the second race. Easier said than done.

It was heartbreak for Morris on Lap 70 of 75 on the second race with Pulliam and Morris jockeying for position. Contact between the two drivers caused Morris to slam into the third turn wall effectively ending his race. This is where the drama began.

As per The Gazette,

Later, with the cars sitting idle on the track behind the pace car under red flag conditions while track crews cleaned up debris in the third turn, Morris’ car builder, Forrest Reynolds, ran onto the track and attempted to reach inside of Pulliam’s car on the passenger side. Pulliam quickly hit the gas, sending Reynolds tumbling to the asphalt.

Admittedly, being a greenhorn to Late Model Stock Car racing and was quite honestly just shocked to come across a short track fight on Twitter, dissecting the crash and what this meant to Morris and his point contention moving forward is beyond my expertise.

I do know that running a short track stock car season isn’t exactly cheap so I can understand why Morris’s car builder might’ve been upset.

It certainly does no favors for Morris to throw a tantrum like that in public. These kinds of matters are best dealt with off-track and off the record (not on social media.)

Hopefully, this outburst does not penalize Morris unfairly and both Morris and Pulliam can effectively “squash their beef” and move on from this.

What are your .02 about this on-track drama? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Soutce: @VaughnJD


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