Emergency crews were tending to a man in the back of this ambulance until someone jumped into the driver’s seat, drove off, and managed to damage a half-dozen cars along the way.

Clearly, this man has issues. As per Fox 46 News earlier today (Apr 1, 2019) it was no April Fools’ joke on this EMS crew as a now arrested suspect jumped into the driver’s seat of their ambulance, shifted into drive, and slowly ran over several cars including one classic Monte Carlo as he continued on his path of destruction. Shortly after the man managed to cause so much damage at speeds less than five MPH, he jumped out, sprinted a couple of meters to evade authorities, but was ultimately cornered and arrested.

Check out the amazing footage caught by a couple of office workers watching the drama unfold from two stories above the mayhem in a nearby office building below.

The video is pretty cut and dry, the video submitted immediately begins filming shortly after the suspect drives into the front of a parked car. The office workers watching thought it’d ended there but a classic Monte Carlo becomes the next casualty and the ambulance has enough torque to continue pushing both cars directly into a pod of four other parked cars a few meters away.

As mentioned, emergency crews and the person they were treating on-site managed to escape shortly before the video began.

No known motive as to the “why” this man did what he did is clear and, as of this writing, specific charges haven’t been filed.

It’s a bizarre situation all around, insurance is going to have a heck of a time filling out individual claims for each car involved and I’m sure owners of the damaged vehicles thought it was some kind of sick April Fools’ joke when they arrived on scene to their damaged cars.

Why’d you think this man went nuts? Do you think he was just trying to go to jail? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Fox 46


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