VQ_Mommy is a car Instagrammer who infamously mocked the poor and their choice in coilovers over bags, that is until lady Karma served her a slice of humble pie when she crashed her car and asked people for money.

Update: Please don’t ask for nudes in the comments or attempt to post links. Those comments will either be edited or deleted.

If you’re wondering who VQ_Mommy is and why there are so many memes of her popping up, I’ve got the tea right here. Earlier last week Instagrammer Asia Jimenez, who goes by the name @VQ_Mommy for her Infiniti G35 Sedan, crashed her pride and joy admitting to one commenter that it was partly her fault. To help her rebuild her sedan and get back on the road ASAP, Asia set up a GoFundMe page to facilitate that process. Here’s the campaign below as long as it’s still up.

Check out some of the initial posts that sparked off a storm of outrage from the car community below.

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With $2,000 as the goal, there are far worse things happening in the car community than asking for a handout, that is until someone uncovered a hashtag she used in her posts, #CoilOversAreForPoorPeople. In this modern day and age where no one is immune to what they said in the past, no matter how long ago, people jumped on that hashtag like hungry fish to fishy flakes. How can someone who claims to be so rich then ask for help for a couple grand through a GoFundMe, especially as something as frivolous and not a priority as your own car modifications?

Keen-eyed readers will notice that, in her Go Fund Me description, she only had liability insurance the entire time. If you didn’t already know liability insurance is literally one of the cheapest and most affordable insurance options out there where the insurance company will not reimburse you for any damage to your car in the event of an accident where you’re at fault. Again, clearly a decision at odds with her statement claiming that she’s definitely not poor.

It gets better. With her campaign up for more than a day and only $50 out of the $2000 raised, some people questioned how far they could go with their haterade shenanigans. Supposedly someone messaged her asking her for scandalous photos of herself in exchange for $2000. Of course, this was all a hoax in order to get more “dirt.” Apparently, it worked as the screenshots below show. The internet being the internet one-upped themselves and even DM’d her boyfriend with the sad news.

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As of this writing, she still has her Instagram account up so she’s clearly enjoying the bump in followers but her most recent posts have comments turned off.

But before Ms. Jimenz went low-key on us, took off the GoFundMe link from her profile and is acting like everything’s normal, she did post up a reply to all her haters in her Instagram stories. Notice how she really pulled out the “and to a female” card in her statement below. With all due respect, mam, I think I speak for all of us that we’d clown a dude just as much, if not more, if he was as so bold to claim to be above everyone else and then bite the same hands that fed them asking for help through a GoFundMe.

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Since the internet caught wind of this bit of drama, memes have been popping up out of the woodworks. Here are two that even tagged her in them.

One theory I have on why she did what she did is that this generation is so tied to their identities online that we’re willing to do anything, like asking strangers for money, to get back to where we were. In Ms. Jiminez’s case and her 20,000 plus followers, she isn’t VQ_Mommy without her bagged VQ.

My suggestion to you, Asia, is to fix your car up with whatever you have, maybe put on your stock coilovers or, god forbid, throw on a regular set of coilovers if you’re about that low life.

Maybe lay low on social media for a bit, post something normal that’s not your car, your assets (wink), or a combo of both. I hope, like I wish everyone, you find that you’re more than your possessions.

What do you think about this bit of internet drama? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Ive seen her ig if she got a man why she posting her ass on everything? If I was dude I definitely wouldnt want my girls ass all over the internet. Just saying.

    • Homeboy is a simp. He should have just broke it off when he got the inside info from the dude that sent him the screenshots.

  2. Please everyone who reads this unfollow her cause all we did was give a hoe free money with those followers.
    Im just picking a random day may 12

  3. You forgot to mention that she got those BAGS for FREE purchased by her ex bf who has owned 2 GTRs now. So the hashtag was all a front, she never paid a dime for the bags. It’s obvious she’s not able to afford to pay for her mods since she couldn’t afford the $2k trying to figure it out first or to afford full coverage. Her sending nudes to get money… it’s obvious now how she got her car to where it was before the crash.

  4. she’s dumb, but we’re dumb enough to clout her and now shes gonna get a following and become a cancer whore. Lolz on someone getting nudes on a recharge for $2,000 probably

  5. Her ig name WAS coilovers_are_for_poor_people. coilovers are not for poor people, to some it’s the only option, others a preference, but ultimately what’s it matter, it’s our cars

    • And actual coil setups that are designed for motorsports, not just lows, generally double or triple the cost of bags. Hell, i can think of two sets offhand that are both $6k+


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