Here’s who makes Jinyu Tires, their product lineup, and our opinion if they’re any good.

Quick Facts

Name Jinyu Tires
Founded: 1995
Country of Origin: China
Factories (where your tires are made) China and Vietnam
Associated Brands: Sailun, Rovelo, and, Black Lion
Rubber Source: Thailand (Thaihua Rayong Rubber)
Official website:

Jinyu Tires are a Chinese-made tire with a large majority of their rubber products made at their production facilities in Vietnam. As mentioned, they first started business in 1995 so they’ve been around longer than you might think. With prices for some of their tires as cheap as $37 for a standard summer passenger tire, they are an attractive and affordable option for the frugal motorist.

Their product lineup includes

  • YH18 passenger tire
  • YH16 eco tire
  • YC02 taxi tire
  • YC01 Eco tire for family cars
  • Extreme 33- a high-performance SUV tire
  • YU62- Directional high-performance summer tire
  • YU63- A luxury car tire
  • YS82- An SUV tire
  • FG1- Their top-tier racing tire
  • …and various snow tires with available studs

As you can see, they’ve got a tire for almost every need, and I haven’t even listed the full product lineup which includes tires for commercial applications.

Jinyu Tires in the United States

Since Jinyu tires are made overseas, Jinyu tires you probably find are probably imported through a third-party. According to Simple Tire, Greenball Tires based out of Fontana, Calif is one of the largest importers and distributors of Jinyu Tires in the United States.

When doing a little bit of research about Jinyu, I’ve come across a few videos that should help you make an informed decision about Jinyu Tires. The first video here is a sponsored company video which showcases their factory in China. If you leave with anything from that video, it’s that they are a legit tire maker with standards that set them apart from other value tire makers.

The second video is an honest to goodness review of one of Jinyu’s SUV tires from a Canadian tire mechanic. From his experience, he only has good words about the Jinyu brand.

Are they any good?

Here are a list of tire websites that offer reviews on some of the most popular Jinyu Tires.

Here’s a handful of sample review via Simple Tire of a Jinyu YH12, one of Jinyu’s more affordable all-season Passenger Performance tires.

“I was a little hesitant at first before I purchased these tires from Jinyu. So finally decided buying them as set of 4. been on the car I think 3 months now and no complains. Great handling and Low road noise, and the rubber is soft compound. It drives better than the Michelin’s originally on my car. It’s the best value for your money. my ride is a 2003 Mini Cooper.”

“Great tires for the money we’ll see how they do in the winter”

And if you read through the various reviews listed in the short list of sites I’ve linked above, you’ll see that actual buyers of Jinyu Tires have come away mostly impressed and satisfied with the performance of these tires considering how cheap they are.

Our opinion is, yes, you should buy Jinyu Tires if you’re looking for a tire that’ll suit your commuting needs at a cheap price.


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