When you have a semi-close relationship with someone as big as Elon Musk on Twitter, be prepared to have your public discussions shared with millions.

If you’ve read Tesla news on the Internet anytime in the past couple of years, you’ve probably read a story by Fredric Lambert from his site Electrk.Co. Writing literally thousands of articles on just one auto manufacturer, you become a trusted authority on anything and everything Tesla. You also catch the eye from Papa Musk himself whose tweeted at EIC Fred Lambert presumably dozens of times.

But tweets got a bit serious this week between Lambert and Musk. If you’ve been paying attention to Tesla news as of late you know that one lone Tesla Model S caught on fire, according to Electrek’s blog post, “Seemingly on its own.”

This is probably the straw that broke the camel’s back and pushed Musk to start tweeting out a serious of tweets criticizing such wide media coverage of this single Tesla Model S fire. Although not said directly, Musk sort of hinted that he was also calling out Electrek for even posting about the fire in the first place.

Car fires happen all the time and statistically, you’re more likely to catch fire in a regular ICE car than in an electric car so why bother even blogging about this one isolated incident.

Lambert responded to Musk’s tweet saying how, in more words or less, he’s written thousands of positive articles about Tesla, why the bad blood all of a sudden, Senpai? I mean, Musk?

I’ll let you read the twitter exchange below.

Everyone noticed, Fred. Hello.

Oh, the humanity. How could you bite the blogger hand that feeds you, Musk? Well, it really wasn’t THAT dramatic but this reply summed my feelings up quite nicely.

Apparently, the Tesla Model S that caught fire in China hit an object, puncturing its battery tray underneath this causing the fire to start. So, while Electrek’s article implied that Tesla’s design was prone to fires, even though this was only really one fire out of thousands of Teslas, it really wasn’t a design fault.

It’s a fact of social media and news that bad news is the low hanging fruit that we can’t help but write about. Look at me, I’m writing about some Twitter spat between two people. I’m hoping someone will wonder what all the hub-bub between Fred and Elon is, look it up on Google and find my article.

Hopefully, the results of that investigation hits the internet sooner rather than later. It’ll put a lot of potential Tesla shoppers minds at ease that indeed you’re more safer in a Tesla than in some other car.

What do you think about that lone fire? Thoughts on Electrek in the past couple of blog posts? Let me know what you think in the comments below.



  1. @elonmusk – I believe what Fred is saying is that only the last 100 blog posts were Negative.. the other 2900 were great and will return after we balance it out a little.. only 2800 more negative posts and I’ll be back.. btw, elekdrek has hundreds of readers now so we don’t have to butt kiss anymore.


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