Watch something go terribly wrong when this Chevrolet Camaro owner and NOS combine to make an explosion under his hood.

Nitrous is one of those power adders that, if you don’t get it somewhat right from the get-go, the results are disastrous. Case in point is this video of a Chevrolet Camaro making its rounds on social media as of late showing what happens when NOS is installed and/or implemented incorrectly. For whatever reason, too much NOS and fuel suddenly ignites where it’s not supposed to with a resulting explosion and subsequent fire. Thus starts the proverbial social media s***show you’ll soon see. Check out the video for yourself below.

First of all, any analysis of what actually happened under the hood from me is pure speculation. All I know for certain is that this is definitely not what’s supposed to happen when you or your computer controlled NOS system lets loose.

From the brief couple of minutes I learned about NOS before throwing dozens of words about this video your way, from what I can gather this Camaro owner probably quickly installed a huge wet nitrous kit before doing this test hit. He probably threw on a kit way too large for his own good. A good wet kit requires, at the very least, some sort of metering of NOS thanks to a nitrous controller, something this Camaro owner probably didn’t have. This man’s probably got some heinous bottle size, the biggest nozzle for maximum NOS and hit his wet shot way too early resulting in too much NOS for the stock fuel system to handle and kablooey.

As mentioned, I most likely got that technical bit above all wrong.

And, as the rest of the video shows, you’d also better have a fire extinguisher with you when you DO mess around under the hood and don’t know what’s going to happen. Reportedly only a bit of the Camaro ended up burning.

Anyhow, what do you think happened in this case? Maybe he had some loose fitting somewhere? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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