Durham NC’s newest Mini Golf course has a hole immortalizing, in miniature form, the famous 11 foot 8 bridge.

If you’ve been on the internet in the past few years you’ve more than likely seen a video of a box truck slamming into this particular bridge in North Carolina. Now, according to that bridge’s own Facebook page (yes, they have a page) earlier today (May. 5, 2019) the bridge has its own scale version of itself thanks to a new mini golf place that opened less than a mile from the infamous Can Opener bridge.

Check out the post for yourself below.

The hole itself is quite simple and, without the historical nature of the location, wouldn’t be all that interesting. It’s a skill shot, for sure. The hole shoots through the back of a Penske truck with its roof peeled back in a simple ramp design. Get it right and you can easily land a hole-in-one on this presumably Par 2 shot.

This particular crash scene might’ve been modeled after the bridge’s most famous crash from nine years, which has 1.4 Million views.

If you’re curious why they don’t just raise the tracks or dig underneath, it’s, at this point in time, impossible to raise the track as you’d have to raise tracks on both ends. Also, there are sewer lines right underneath.

As of this writing, the latest video from their Youtube channel, where all crashes are uploaded for your viewing pleasure for the past 10 years, shows this box truck reconsidering his route choice, backing up, and getting into a “tango” with another truck behind it.

If you’re in the Durham, NC area, the bridge address is on South Gregson St. between W. Peabody St. and West Pettigrew St. and if you’re up for a round of Golf at this new place, their address is 359 Blackwell Street Suite 135 Durham, NC.

Source: 11 foot 8

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