2019 Cars ‘N Copters on the coast was a great event but it was this BMW possessed by a Mustang that really stole the show towards the end.

Cars ‘N Copters on the coast is an annual event that features, well, cars and helicopters. But it looks like, even with a high-dollar lineup of supercars and aircraft, they aren’t immune to the buffoonery of the post-meet exit show.

Thanks to local Instagram page @818_1320 really doing the most to bring the latest and greatest car wrecks in SoCal, we have video footage of not only the crash, but an in-car shot as well. Check out all those posts below.

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BMW’s wilding out .. #explorepage

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With beautiful weather, the beach, and exotics, the show drew thousands of attendees A.K.A. a magnet for car owners to act like total fools no matter how expensive your car is. This BMW certainly couldn’t resist giving it the beans onto the PCH.

With presumably cold tires and in a RWD car, as Mustangs have demonstrated dozens of times before, without any rear traction, you quickly lose control and oversteer. Thankfully, this BMW oversteers into a concrete planter/middle divider separating the flow of traffic in both directions. It could’ve been a lot worse if there was no divider to stop him.

This BMW owner most certainly caused a couple thousand dollars of damage to his suspension, frame, and perhaps his engine. That last video of him just bent over his trunk says it all. All the regrets and forever immortalized on the internet.

This BMW crash comes eerily close to that one BMW back in 2015 that crashed at Blackhawk Cars N’ Coffee, then blaming it on one or two tires low on air. Sure, Jan.

Is this not the greatest Mustang-like crash at a Car Meet of 2019? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Thankfully no one was hit, and no other car wasn’t involved. I was the person recording inside the car, and fortunately the car was fine afterwards, and it needed a realignment only, along w minor rim damage. Very lucky outcome and driver had no intention of doing anything stupid


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