Do you remember that Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer demo with the gears you’d spin ’round and ’round while you waited for Pops to find an alternator for his ’72 Ford Maverick?

Earlier today (May. 6, 2019) Driving While Awesome posted up a recent gift they received from a fan, a pristine Lucas Oil Demonstrator Display and boy, did that post bring up some memories from my childhood. DWA dubbed it as the original fidget spinner, and to us car enthusiasts, I know exactly what they meant by that.

Anyways, here’s their post below.

As a fun countertop display, it was the demo I played with when my Dad didn’t give me a quarter for a watermelon gum ball (I literally just remembered that flavor typing that previous sentence, oh the memories.) I’d spin it furiously and would be amazed at how the oil made it all the way to the top. Even my 10-year-old brain could understand that this Lucas stuff was some sort of magic.

Here’s a video of it in action.

I bet, like me, you’d make a game out of it. The Lucas Oil oil easily made its way to the top but I’d spin the plain motor oil just as hard to see how high the thin stuff could make it. Remembering now, it wasn’t very far.

Now that I’m older and seeing this countertop display for what it is, it’s honestly a very clever piece of marketing. I didn’t really HAVE to know how the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer worked but seeing it perform its magic on those plastic gears, it certainly left an impression with me years later. And, if you’re at the parts store buying parts to keep an ’89 Hyundai Excel alive and kicking, for the $9 and all the promises it offered, that demo might be that push to get you to try it.

Thanks to the ubiquity of the internet today, any smart consumer can now just Google what Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Stabilizer is. Turns out it’s just some really good oil thickener, which explains how it made it to the top of those plastic gears, unlike the regular oil. FYI, switching to a heavier oil when doing an oil change returns similar results as this Lucas stuff.

Still, the demo’s done it’s job, I’m sure, in winning over a large percentage of loyal users. You KNOW a company has to be doing well when they can bank roll their own Speedway, complete with a drag racing lake for boats.

And, did you know you can buy one of these oil demo displays off Amazon? They’re $24 a pop but, if you shell out for (4), they’re only $17 a piece.

Do you remember these oil demo displays? Let me know your specific memories regarding this display in the comments below.

Source: DWA


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