This West Palm Beach hit and run is going viral as this Lexus RX driver almost tried to get away after injuring two.

Lurry Tmoe, a father of three in West Palm Beach Florida, got the shock of his life earlier this weekend (May 5, 2019) when a lady in a White Lexus RX rammed into his Dodge Van, injuring two of his kids, then witnessed this lady really try to flee the scene. Doing what any sane person would do today, he took out his phone and started recording.

Details are few and far between in this story but according to a few comments in the video above and from supposed witnesses, Tmoe’s van wasn’t the only vehicle she crashed into.This lady drove into more than a handful of vehicles before slamming into Tmoe’s van.

With no vehicles behind her in an attempt to box her in and looking at the extensive front end damage to her crossover, including a trail of what looks like red automatic transmission fluid, although she tried to flee, I’m going to guess her Lexus quit on itself.

You’d think that since she was a nice looking suburban woman who would probably claim later that her foot hit the accelerator that she’d get off easy, the video says otherwise. When police officers did come, they took no time extracting, cuffing and arresting the belligerent and resisting driver. When the other officer approaches, she clearly says “Help me.”

I don’t know what she expected the other officer to do for her but hitting several cars and trying to flee, you’re the culprit in this situation and nobody’s coming to help you except maybe the paramedics.

Supposedly the arresting officer is Lieutenant Bullard of the West Palm Beach Police force, who is an upstanding member of the local community, and, citizens of WPB are backing him up in this particular situation. In my opinion, Bullard used just the right amount of force.

I’d be remiss to not mention this Tmoe’s commentary because it is spot on. Instead of getting angry and lashing out at this woman, he let the police do what they needed to do without getting in the way.

I’m going to assume that both of his kids are going to make it out just fine until I hear otherwise and update this article.

What’s your .02 on the entire situation? Do you think that Lexus RX driver really tried to weasel her way out with that other police officer? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Very well written, and I am a Lieutenant now, not a Sergeant when this occurred. Thank you for this presentation of TRUE FACTS

  2. “Supposedly(We know it is him?) the arresting officer is Lieutenant Bullard of the West Palm Beach Police force, ^(who) is an upstanding member of the local community”

    • Thanks for the grammar correction. Added. And yes it is him! Check out the first comment in this article, Sgt. Bullard commented.


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