Do you want to own a JDM Toyota Chaser for under a grand? Now’s your chance. A bit of bodywork is probably in order though.

Chasers headed to auction from Japan are a dime a dozen and I usually won’t write about one but ho-boy this ain’t your ordinary Chaser. Thanks to a post from importer JapTengoku on Facebook earlier today (May. 9,2019) it looks like this Chaser was drifting, like you do with a 1JZ big body, and slammed into maybe a light pole before this owner wrote it off.

Check out the amazing photos below.

I almost didn’t believe what I saw until I logged into one of several Japanese auction sites and looked for myself. And there it was, a fairly beat ’99 Toyota Chaser with over 105,000 equivalent miles on the odometer and some gnarly and extensive damage.

I particularly found the damage inspection sheet amusing. Here’s a screenshot.


You don’t have to understand Japanese to know that those slash marks means “It’s wrecked absolutely everywhere.”

And, if you’re like me and first thought, “OMG, that poor driver, he most likely got some major injuries” this is Japan and that’s the left-hand side with all the damage, the driver would’ve been on the other side. Then again, the drifter could’ve had a passenger, which, in that case, I hope they’re alright!

As mentioned, the starting bid is just 51,000 yen which is around $460 USD. There’s a good chance whoever buys this will probably just be some Japanese car enthusiast who wants parts.

If you’re curious, the listing says it’s a 2.5L which means there’s probably a 1JZ -GTE under the hood, turbo’d from the factory and ready for more boost.

It’s more than 20 hours, as of this writing, when this auction goes live but I’ll drop the winning bid as an auction. And, if I don’t, leave a comment and I’ll find out what it went for.

Would you bid? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Is this car still available and the engine and stuff are still there right ? Need the body work and some stuff right ? Plss reply to this


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