A murderer is on the loose for the brutal murder of a Long Beach woman, using a nearby scooter as a weapon.

Shocking doesn’t begin to describe the attack that happened in Long Beach, Calif earlier today (May. 13, 2019) According to NBC Los Angeles, police are in the preliminary stages of what I’m describing as a senseless act of violence.

According to witnesses, an attacker seemingly randomly selected a passerby in the 6400 Block of Obispo Street.

A good Samaritan on an electric scooter tried to intervene but failed. The attacker grabbed the electric scooter he was riding on and used it as a weapon, brutally bludgeoning the woman to death.

An update from a Bird spokeman to get in front of the murder said “We are deeply saddened by this act of violence.”

Police do have a suspect in custody, arresting a person that matched the description of the murderer, locating him at a nearby store in the area. Bail is at $2 million and police have not yet released his name.

Police, however, have identified the victim as 63-year-old Long Beach resident Rosa Manjarez Hernandez. The family already have a Go Fund Me set up for funeral expenses. So far, $550 is donated of the $20,000 goal.

In an update by ABC 7, neighbors describe this area as a mostly quiet part of Long Beach, a residential area where, at the time police were wrapping up their investigation, people were returning home from work.

How awful and shocking it must’ve been for local neighbors to find out that one of their fellow Los Angelenos was murdered in such a brutal fashion.

It, as mentioned, was a senseless act of violence. I can’t fathom how someone can be so cruel at random if it weren’t for being under the influence of something. The scooter part was just a coincidence, being there.

Source: NBC Los Angeles


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