This Buick was doing the most, weaving in and out of Oakland traffic in reverse.

You see some wild things driving in the Bay Area and while this isn’t even at the top of that list, it’s crazy nonetheless. According to local Instagram page @Bay_Area_Shenanigans in one of their fan-submitted videos from earlier yesterday (May 14, 2019) this Buick LeSabre was doing all that it could to avoid hitting traffic as it weaved and navigated its way on Bancroft Ave.

Check out the video thanks to some kind Samaritan who downloaded and reuploaded it since the @Bay_Area_Shenanigans is set to private.

There wasn’t much a description on the video but right before the video cuts off you can see local Bay Area market Gazzzali’s and one of its handful of locations on the other side of the street. Here it is on Google Maps.

Whoever was behind the wheel was lucky that they didn’t hit anything. As this video below demonstrates the direction of travel is determined by the back wheels but you steer with the front wheels. That makes it that much harder to steer where you want to go.

But this is the Bay Area, it’s expensive just to live here so you better believe whoever did this really needs to use his car for work, picking up kids, whatever. They need this clapped out LeSabre right now.

You’ll notice that this Buick “turns” into AutoZone where he can, at least, get some parts to fix his wonky shifter. Most likely there’s a broken connection underneath that needs to be reattached to the transmission. There’s also the possibility of a dead interlock solenoid.

Although pretty hair-brained and extremely dangerous, if your car is acting up, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’d ask for help from a neighbor or friend, first, before attempting something on this level though. You’re putting yourself at risk and those around you.

Have you seen someone driving in reverse like this? Let me know in the comments below.


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