This bored Ennis Man decided that now’s probably the right time of the year to sneak onto the Texas Motorplex track and blast down the quarter mile.

He had to know he’d get caught. According to Texas Motorplex in a Facebook post they shared earlier yesterday (May. 14,2019) track security observed an Ennis man in a regular beige Chevrolet Impala blast down the quarter-mile several times before they called in local Ennis Police to apprehend the hooligan.

Check out the hilarious pair of photos below showing the Impala stuck at the end of sand trap below.

You can’t blame the fellow, really. Texas Motorplex, if you didn’t already know, is one of the first super track’s built in the modern era of NHRA racing. With seating for thousands and a well-maintained concrete track surface, it’s a temptation to any unemployed local with a couple of hours to waste to sneak onto the track and take their car to its limits.

Then again, as most good drag strips do, summertime means test and tune nights where anyone driving pretty much anything can take their car down said 1320 for very little money.

Texas Motorplex has a version of Test and Tune called “Fast Fridays” where, as mentioned, you can take your car down the drag strip for $15. Presumably, if the track isn’t busy, you can get back in line as long as nothing’s leaking after your run.

No word on what’ll happen to this Impala owner but an impounded Impala and a fine is probably in order.

If his Impala was the SS variant with the 5.3L LS4 engine sending all its 303 HP and 323 lb-ft to the front wheels, if he was some sort of ringer, Hagerty says his Impala could crack 15 seconds down Texas Motorplex’s drag strip.

Most likely it was just a bog-standard V6, but I don’t get many chances to bring up one of my favorite variants of this rental car special so there you have it.

What do you think about this Texas man’s antics? Is he living his best life or what? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: Texas Motorplex


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