This Civic Type R owner really set up a GoFundMe since he could no longer afford payments on what his wife is calling his “dream car.”

If you’re wondering what the entire back story behind this GoFundMe from this Honda Civic Type R owner is, I’ve got the entire description thanks to someone saving it on the internet right here. I’m not going to post the dude’s account as I’m sure he’s getting enough flack for it as it is but here’s the story.

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According to his Instagram account, a little over a year ago he got financing for a presumably brand new 2019 Honda Civic Type R and started making payments on it. During that time he helped his daughter save some money, moved into and out of a home with bad plumbing and his job cut his hours to the tune of over $1,200 a month that would’ve covered his Civic Type R payments.

Life sucks.

In order to get out of this rut as quickly as possible, they asked help from his friends online from Facebook and Instagram also open to complete strangers through a GoFundMe started by his wife.

Civic Type R
Man gets roasted for asking strangers to help him keep his Civic Type R the bank still owns

I’ve linked the entire description from the GoFundMe here. 

Also, here’s the GoFundMe link as proof while it’s still up.

What irked a lot of people, including me, was the hard choices which the wife outlined. Here were the three choices.

  1. Keep car and move into an apartment.
  2. Keep making late payments and ultimately get the car repo’d
  3. Sell the car and, without two cars, also get rid of their family dog.

Ya, crazy, right? There’s so much to unpack here.

First, number one is definitely a viable option but since the Go Fund Me was titled “Help my husband keep his dream car” I’m going to assume that’s a non-starter.

Number two would presumably also be an option but not financially sound.

Number three is probably the best option but why’d they have to drag the dog into this? If you read the full description linked above, if he takes her husband to work, and with only one car, she can’t drive back to care for the dog in the middle of the day anymore.

With no Civic Type R payments and money from the sale, he COULD buy a beater, have two cars for his family and still keep the dog. It just rubs me the wrong way that in the GoFundMe description they really put the dog’s well-being into the hands of whoever failed to donate.

Anyhow, I hate to break it to you (Civic Type R owner) but, as you already know, you don’t own that Civic Type R, the bank does. Until you make that last loan payment, it’s not yours.

I know at least a handful of people who’ve given up their dream car to keep their family intact, not burdened, and happy. The Civic Type R is, by definition, a fun car. it is not a need but a want.

If you want the car so badly, I know you’ll make it work. Perhaps, as your wife mentioned, you can work out new refinancing terms with a new lender on the remaining amount or, god forbid, you can, as you probably know, sell it and buy a more frugal option for the time being.

All I know is I wouldn’t put my significant other through the stress of moving out of our new house just because I want to keep my car. God bless your partner for agreeing to help you out, that’s a keeper for sure.

When you put out help into the public like this you’re also opening up your life to the court of public opinion so I personally don’t feel all that bad writing this blog for people who want to know what’s up.

Also, you’re not your car.

Well, that’s my .02 no one asked for. What’s your .02? Let me know in the comments below.


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