This precious girl reuniting with her late Father’s 2012 Ford Mustang GT will make you ask “Who’s cutting onions?”

Usually, videos of cars reuniting with their previous owners or with people the car’s had a significant impact on don’t elicit too much emotion from me being so separate from the story but this one hits a little different. According to Chrissy Hicks in a Facebook post she shared with friends and family earlier this month (May 6, 2019) although she could never fully ease the pain that her daughter felt losing her Dad, she could do one of the next best things, buying back the 2012 Ford Mustang her Dad used to wrench on with her.

Check out the amazing moment Ella, the daughter, reunites with her Dad’s Mustang below. Please, do yourself a favor and read the whole caption and click through all the photos.

According to Chrissy in the caption above, to celebrate Ella’s Dad passing Steamfitter apprenticeship school, they together bought this 2012 Ford Mustang. As you can see in the photos, you can tell that Ella’s Dad took pride and joy in his muscle car.

With special nighttime lighting, an aftermarket hood that’s presumably hiding some power adders underneath, and an aero kit that just looks right, any Mustang owner would be super proud to own, drive and share with his friends and family this Mustang GT.

The reuniting with her Dad’s Ford Mustang is bittersweet to say the least. You can really tell that she’ll always cherish this car for as long as it’s in her possession. And, even at that, I highly doubt she’ll ever part with it.

It’s heartbreaking to lose a parent but what a blessing that her Mom had the foresight and compassion to spend some of her money, time, and, effort relocating her Dad’s car for her.

All the best to you, Ella, and your Mustang. May it bring you hundreds of thousands of miles of driving joy.



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